Scribes of Zion is a deep well of refreshment and a sharp sword. It is a place where God-breathed encouragement from the Word of God and prophetic revelation is gathered and stored. These messages, scribed from His heart, will act as weapons to see women equipped, encouraged, strengthened, healed, delivered, transformed and set free by the voice of the Lord into their lives. The fire of His presence upon His voice will mark them afresh to arise as the warring women of Zion, heralding His messages and walking and flourishing in their identity and destiny.

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Emerging from the Fire

When the Lord brings discipline to His children and we embrace His Fathering we realise that where He prunes, it produces greater fruit.
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My Beloved One, Lean In

More than ever, this is the time to turn into Me, to lean into Me, to abide in Me, to remain seated in heaven places, within Me.
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He'll Find You

When you feel overlooked and counted out by others, I want to remind you: you are seen and counted on by the LORD.
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It's Shine Time

As I prayed over you I sensed, ‘It’s time for your light to break forth like the dawning of a new day!
Candice Simmons

A Word for 2024

God is happy, He loves you and He’s for you! If that were all I told you, that would be enough. But I have more!
Woman leaping

Ruling over Body and Soul

Our soul tries to dictate to us, our body tries to dictate, the demonic tries to dictate, circumstances external to us try to dictate, but you can bring them into submission to divine perspective.

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Come out of Hiding

I love the thought that there is nothing hidden within Him. His ways are revealed as well as the life that comes to us through Christ, so why do we hide?


But instead, as we draw nearer to God, simply just to be with Him, He fills our vision and we have already become ‘more of Him’ without even realising it.
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Red Thread Alignment

These shapes were then being sewn together at one edge with a red thread.
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The Power of Feasting on Jesus

Breathe in His presence. It’s OK if you don’t feel anything. Just be still and know, and feast on all that He is — all that He longs to fill you with

My Beloved Daughter,

YOU are My Beloved! You are My Masterpiece! You are My song!
Its time to look up

It's Time to Look Up

I see the strength and life I have poured into you, bringing the confidence needed to be the warrior bride in this hour…

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God’s Miraculous Plans to Set the Children Free

I have been left in awe and wonder of God’s ways.
Gracious Hand of God

The Gracious Hand of God

I began to ask Him questions about the positioning of His hands on my life at this moment.
Whirlwind of Glory

The Whirlwind of Glory

What was intended for destruction is transformed to a place of peace and joy through the presence and authority of Jesus.
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Warring Women of Zion, Keep Standing & Keep Praying

He has been waiting so patiently for this time, this kairos moment, for you to be released; to be healed and whole so you can thrive in this season.
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The Firey ones

I believe it is God’s intricate design to gather all His women, wherever they fit, to be encouraged and be set alight again.

A Shared Prayer

It was such a powerful moment of revelation that God is placing prayers on intercessors' hearts right now.