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In 2015, during an encounter with the Lord, He spoke these words to me, ‘In the same way that the Bridegroom, Jesus, was born from a woman’s womb, so will it be with the awakening of His lovesick Bride in these last days. The first birth was the physical birth of Jesus into the world, but the second was a spiritual emergence of the global bridal identity and a massive harvest of the prodigals.’

This encounter revealed the Father’s desire to awaken a travail in His daughters that would lead to a ferocity in them standing in the gap against the antichrist agenda that is attempting to destroy their children. At the same time, it leads to a divine conception as she captures the heart of the King of kings. These women would not long to magnify self, but to give birth to a pure priesthood that would reform the nations and turn them back to God. This painful, barren lament within His daughters is like that of Hannah in 1 Samuel 2, who longed to birth a Nazarite son. Like Hannah, the true Bride of Christ seems barren and is pained by the priesthood, which has become full of defilement. Hannah is a prophetic picture of the End-of-the-Age Bride who refuses the favour and portion of this world. She mourns bitterly because she feels she can’t bring forth her heart’s desires, but little does she know He has her in the fire until her heart’s longings become those of the Lord.

Our Father and Bridegroom loves creating live-action storylines, and giving tangible opportunities to leave mankind without excuse. He is raising a mighty company of women who have felt unseen, misunderstood and fruitless, but have been faithful in prayer. These will rise from the pain of weeping over the death, destruction, and defilement in the land to birth holy, consecrated sons and daughters.

The true lovesick Bride has been in a season of groaning, but this remnant was being transformed in the fire. Paul, the apostle, intensely expresses the glory that comes from suffering, or travailing with the Lord, in Romans 8:18, ‘I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.’ Hannah’s story embodies the groan and suffering of the Bride at the end of the age. She was barren for years. The Scripture says, ‘God shut up her womb.’ As if that was not painful enough, though he loved her, her husband, Elkanah, had another wife who seemed to be blessed of God and fruitful. Peninnah, though lacking in righteousness, gave birth to many children, while Hannah wept before the Lord. The Scripture says Hannah was ‘taunted bitterly’ by Peninnah. Although Elkanah brought Hannah a double portion of food and finances to prove his love to her, she refused to be satisfied with the favour of man alone. She wanted favour with God.

The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 2, that she refused comfort. She didn’t have the language to explain, but inwardly was holy dissatisfied. Eventually, her wordless frustration and tears led her to explosively cry out before the throne of God, ‘If you give me a son, I will give him back to You and make him a consecrated Nazarite, who will minister before you day and night.’ (Paraphrase mine.) Her longing went through a process of crushing and sanctification.

We will become increasingly frustrated with our fruitlessness: unfortunately, mocking from those producing fruit is like salt in the wound. They are, in a sense, saying, ‘Where is your God?’ Beloved, those pressures are leading us down the narrow path that is preparing for the greater mission. We will come to a crossroads; we can be bitter and arrogant or humble and broken before God.

Hannah’s groan made her a lightning rod for God’s promise and dream to be fulfilled through her. I believe that in this hour, God has allowed our rival, Jezebel, to seem more fruitful and even favoured than the Bride of Christ: for one reason — to press us into an undignified groan before Him. One that is not just to show off what we can do with His blessing, principles and power, but to see our barrenness as His Bride. We have been brought low to fast and pray that our motives will be sanctified and we would be vessels of glory. In this season of lack we would cry out until we get past wanting to birth something that will benefit ourselves and show up Jezebel. But to call forth a generation who will destroy her seduction and lead as holy priests before Him. These sons and daughters coming forth must be worthy of judging even saints and angels in the time of judgement.

Hannah’s cry transformed from, ‘I want a son to show my worth,’ to, ‘I want to birth a consecrated priest and judge to restore my nation to righteousness, because of Yahweh’s worth.’ She was changed by the pressure and the groan, so that when she was delivered from her barrenness, she would become a holy avenue for God to change the trajectory of Israel in the face of a defiled, unholy, and detestable priesthood. She would bring forth a pure priest and prophet in a time of absolute defamation of the holy position. (See 1 Samuel 1-2.) In the same way God has allowed the pressure to come on His daughters. I’ll bet you have felt holy anger and have asked the Lord to do something about the lack and waywardness of this present age. Have you turned to intercession and prayer but wept bitterly? God has awakened you and given you a divine purpose. The groan of the Bride is not one of despair but of hope. He is awakening His daughters to be a voice in an hour of defilement. To expose the false and bring forth the holy.  Let the Father find you as a landing strip for awakening in this hour. Your groan is not empty prayers but pains of labour. Prepare your heart and home, you are due to give birth.

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