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I had an encounter with the Lord and I heard Him speaking over the daughters of God. He spoke, “BEAUTIFULLY WHOLLY YOU.” As I saw these words in the Spirit, the word WHOLLY began to spin and change to HOLY. Then back to WHOLLY and then to HOLY, again. I was overwhelmed by the heart of the Lord in that moment for His daughters and for His Church, that He is drawing them deeper into the wholeness that is already theirs in Christ. 

In this season, He is raising up a company of women who have set themselves apart unto Him — in purity, consecration, holiness and intimacy — making themselves ready, as the Bride, for the Return of the Bridegroom and the wedding feast of the Lamb.

In this two-day online conference, I hear the wooing of the Bridegroom into a deeper place of intimacy with Him. The beauty of the Bridegroom and His affection and ferocious love for His daughters: bringing them into a deeper place of freedom, flourishing and transformation; as the words of the Bridegroom King, bring them into greater maturity and identity.

I believe this two-day online conference is marked with BEAUTY. The beauty of the Bridegroom and the beauty of YOU, daughter of God. Join us in BEHOLDING His beauty and being nourished by His affection and love in this transformational time together.

—Love Lana, and the Zion’s Company of Women Team—