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While listening to worship music, the song that was playing sang, ‘More of You and less of me. More of You and less of me…’

As I pondered these lyrics, it struck me that this — in its true form — is not a shrinking back or pulling away, but a drawing closer.

We do not become more like Him by simply being (or trying to be) less of ourselves. In fact, this is impossible, because as soon as we begin to focus on the ‘less of me’ we are no longer focusing on the ‘more of Him.’

But instead, as we draw nearer to God, simply just to be with Him (and not by trying to be anything else) He fills our vision and we have already become ‘more of Him’ without even realising it.

For here is the real beauty:
In the beginning, God made man — us — in His own image. So really, the more we become like Him (again, by fixing our eyes and beholding: not by doing) the more we become (or rather, discover) our true selves.

C.S. Lewis puts it perfectly in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian:

A circle of grass, smooth as a lawn, met her eyes, with dark trees dancing all around it. And then — oh joy! For he was there: the huge Lion, shining white in the moonlight, with his huge black shadow underneath him.    

…She rushed to him. She felt her heart would burst if she lost a moment. And the next thing she knew was that she was kissing him and putting her arms as far around his neck as she could and burying her face in the beautiful rich silkiness of his mane.
‘Aslan. Aslan. Dear Aslan,’ sobbed Lucy. ‘At last.’

            The great beast rolled over on his side so that Lucy fell, half sitting and half lying between his front paws. He bent forward and just touched her nose with his tongue. His warm breath came all round her. She gazed up into the large wise face.

            ‘Welcome, child,’ he said.

            ‘Aslan,’ Lucy said, ‘you’re bigger.’

            ‘That is because you are older, little one,’ answered he.

            Not because you are?’

            ‘I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.’

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