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More than ever, this is the time to turn into Me, to lean into Me, to abide in Me, to remain seated in heaven places, within Me. The noise of this world is loud, however, My call for you to lean into Me is resounding throughout creation, and is getting louder. Remember this: The more it seems like chaos is surrounding you, the more you need to lean into the greater truth, that shalom (peace) is found within Me, within My embrace. 

You see, in this moment of time, the agenda is to take your focus and attention away from Me. To draw your awareness away from My heart. I need you to remember the truth: I am for you, therefore, who can be against you? 

I need you to take note that your season looks different. It sounds different. It is different. In this season I am calling some in the Body to fast, some to seek solitude, some to be petitioning before My throne of grace, while others are called to feast. Some in the Body are called to stay where I have strategically placed them, while there are others whom I am calling to go — to take the promised land, the land of Goshen for My glory. It is imperative for you to know My voice and embrace. It will be a key for you to understand the times and seasons and to respond and interact with wisdom.

Yes, you have a specific calling, a specific assignment for such a time as this, to help My Bride mature into who she was created to be for My glory. I need you to play your part in this great unveiling. I have placed a unique part of Myself in you, a reflection of Me that is specific to you. 

Keep your ear on My chest. Stay so near to Me that the rhythm of My heartbeat will be the rhythm of your movement. Stay so close that you can hear My whispers within your heart. This place of intimacy is where you can find clear instructions for you, for your journey, for what I have called you to do with Me. It is in this place where I am able to teach you and instruct you in the way that you should go. 

You cannot go with what you have known in the past. Just like new wine doesn’t go into old wine skins. You are not designed to stay on old roads, but to find new ways, new roads, new discoveries, new solutions for the cries of this world. You are designed to go from glory to glory. As you find these new ways and paths, you will discover that they are actually My ancient pathways where wisdom calls out. You see, when you stay in Me, abide in our secret place, you get to discover what is trending in heaven, you discover what is on My heart, you find the answers to problems that will bring transformation to my children and creation. 

You cannot be moved by what you see with your physical eyes. Not only are you called, you are designed to be alive within Me. When you lean into Me, you receive divine perspective, an elevated view that is not contaminated by past earthly expressions and experiences.

As you engage with My embrace, your perspective will be renewed, your earthly experiences will be rewired and your record with Me will reflect the truth of who I am, My full nature. You will discover the fullness of the cross, what it means and how it will transform your reality.

The fight is on to capture your attention, your intention, your identity, your heart. To distort the truth of who you are and Whose you are. To tell you, you are alone, forgotten, not seen. These earthly perspectives are set up in a way to make you buy into believing that these are your realities. Its intention is to pull you away from your heavenly place, from our seat of rest, from My warm embrace; making you operate outside of rest, outside of original design. When you get caught up in distorted perspectives, you are faced with hopelessness, disillusionment, disappointment and disbelief.

The currents of frustration and the perception of lack are trying to pull you out of the safe harbour found within My embrace. As your perspectives align with My truths, you will see these moments as opportunities for you to practise turning into Me, to practise choosing Me above what you see, feel and understand. When you hold onto the truth of My Word, distortion cannot enter your heart. 

The more you practise turning into Me, the quicker the turnaround comes and your heart will be flooded with My love and presence, and your lenses will be adjusted to heavenly perspectives and you will be able to call down heaven into the earth, co-governing with Me.

When you turn into Me, you become more aware of where you are seated — In Me, in heavenly places. From this place of being co-seated, we co-govern and co-create. From here you discover the mysteries within My heart. From here heaven is released into the earth, as we entangle and dance our way through each moment together. This is where the new records are written in your heart. From here you can reflect My truth and love to all around you. 

From this place, My embrace, is where rivers of living water will flow in and through you to be an oasis for those people in your circle of influence. A place to find love, acceptance, hope, words of wisdom and freedom. It is the source of unlimited resources and in this place of My embrace, I am revealing to you the fullness of the cross. 

The more time you spend in My embrace the more My nature will permeate through every cell of your body. You will release the perfume of My love into every space you enter, into every room you step into. This perfume will replace the odours of death and decay trying to take hold of my people’s hearts. 

Being present in My courts, in the chambers of My heart, will prepare you for spaces where you will operate with such ease and such joy that no decay or death or darkness can stick to you. It will not be able to occupy the same spaces and places you enter, because it will be replaced with My resurrected, life-giving presence. This will happen without striving, it will be a natural outflow from our love union. 

Choose Me as your priority.
Choose Me as the One you turn to.
Choose Me as your dwelling place.
Choose Me and all these things will follow.
Choose Me, for I have chosen you as My Beloved.
In and through everything, choose Me as your Bridegroom-King.

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