Scribes title

“Tell them, ‘Women are key in this hour,’” were the words I heard repeated in my dream a few nights ago. God’s heart was urgently drawing and calling His daughters to step into their callings, their God given positions, and to be confident in the places He had destined them for. With those urgent words I sensed there was a key to help His daughters walk courageously, confidently and with clarity in those God assignments, positions, and callings. 

 As I was spending time with God, He downloaded the following encounter that revealed such a simple but powerful key to understand clearly what He is doing right now, in and through us. Where He is positioning us and what season we are in. This key unlocks the courage and clarity that we need to face our fears and confidently walk where God has designed for us. 

The key comes from:

Ezra 7:28 “Because the hand of the Lord my God was on me, I took courage…” 

Ezra 8:22 “…The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him.” 

As I meditated on the scriptures above, He invited me to ask Him where His hands were positioned. I began to ask Him questions about the positioning of His hands on my life at this moment. 

He showed me that in this moment I wanted to hide and retreat. That I wanted to put everything on hold and step back from being seen. However, when I stopped to look and ask God where His hands were positioned on my life, He showed me they were on my back, and He was pushing me forward. I realised it was God’s timing and intention for me to take ground. That it was time to move forward and take steps into His purposes. It was not a time to retreat or put on hold the things that God had placed in my hands. It was not a time to hide but it was a time to be seen.  

This simple question of asking God where His hands are positioned on me brought clarity and courage. It helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other and to continue with what He had placed in my hands at this time. It also encouraged me because I knew that His hands were on me, and that I could take steps of faith despite how I was feeling or how life looked in the natural. It gave me confidence and clarity to align myself with what He was doing. 

He also highlighted a fear I have, and invited me to ask Him about where His hands were on me when I have this fear. He showed me one hand was on my heart and the other on my forehead. When I asked Him what this meant He said, “When you are in these moments, I am protecting your heart and giving you wisdom in your words, actions, and reactions.” 

God has been revealing the position of His hands on me and the significance and meaning in their positioning. I have found each day when I enquire of Him, “Where are your hands positioned on me today?” that I walk out the day with confidence, clarity and courage.  

Today, God is inviting you to enquire of Him. To ask Him these quite simple but powerful questions:

God, where are your hands positioned on my life in this season/today? 

God, where are your hands positioned when I feel fear about something or about an uncomfortable circumstance? 

You may find His hands are holding your face/under your chin, lifting your gaze to Him. His hands may be brushing off old dust and tending to wounds, as it is a time of healing and recovering. You may find his hands are surrounding you; that He is hiding you and it is time to rest. You may find His hands are under your feet elevating you to a new level. You may find His hands are on either side of your temple as He has wisdom to impart to you.   

As He shows you the position of His hands on your life, ask Him why and what does it mean. It is going to bring stunning courage, clarity, and confidence in understanding what you need to do in this moment. Enjoy this delicious time and conversation with Him today. 

Lisa Bruton