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Recently, I was sitting with the Lord and I heard Him say:


I then saw a moving image of transparent shapes lining up on top of one another, like pages in a book. These shapes were then being sewn together at one edge with a red thread.

I then went into a vision. From where I was standing, I watched Jesus opening doors and walking into rooms. I had a sense that these rooms were parts of the human heart, parts of the subconscious that had been shut closed for a very long time and were currently occupied with dark, lifeless matter.

Jesus proceeded to walk along a corridor. He would knock on one door after the other, until a door would move wide open and He would enter in (Revelation 3:20).

A few moments later I heard a loud echo. The sound was very familiar; it was sharp, yet deep. I would compare it to a deep humming roar, and as it got louder and louder, echoing through rooms, I could hear it syncing and suddenly beating alongside the human heart. As I wrote this down quickly in my book, I could feel my heart beating fast, with a sense of both excitement and increased fear of the Lord.

I wrote down on a page, ‘The Lion of Judah is roaring His way through rooms, secret places and spaces in people’s hearts.’

I then found myself in a scene, watching the light bulb in a dark room suddenly switch on. I took visual note of the door of the room being positioned wide open and I could see the light streaming out of it, into what I knew to be the corridor heading towards Heaven.

Later that night as I went to sleep, I saw Jesus again.



I saw Jesus kneeling at a bowl with what I knew to be filled with warm water. He proceeded to wash the soles of many feet. One pair after another. I had a knowing that He was handling “souls” with great warmth and gentleness.

I was then taken to a scene, where I saw Him sitting side by side with women. He was holding their hands and leaning in. As they poured out their hearts to Him, with tears streaming down their faces, I saw Him put His hand on their shoulder and comfort them. 


AFTER THESE ENCOUNTERS, I leaned into the Lord and this is what I heard Him say:

‘Women of Zion, I am drawing ever so close to your heart. There are doors in your heart that I have been knocking on for a long time. Will you let Me in? Do you give Me permission? It is time for My word and My nature to permeate in your heart.

‘I have come to heal your trauma, heart-ache and hurt. I have come to bring you new life. As you open your doors to Me and allow Me into your darkest memories and experiences, My presence will flow out of your life, like radiating beams of light.

‘As you let My light invade old rooms, new doors in your life will open. Doors of destiny, doors of provision and doors of peace and deep understanding will be established.

‘I am awakening your prophetic senses. As you lay hold of what I am doing in your heart and you allow Me in, you will see with new sight. Your ears will be opened and your voice will become strong.

‘You, My daughter, were chosen before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). My scarlet thread holds every page of your book together. Your greatest desire is Me. As you allow Me to occupy more of your heart, your hearts’ greatest desires and the plans I have for you, will begin to unfold in your life.’


A FEW DAYS LATER, I heard the Father singing over His daughters in the spirit, ‘Open up let the light in, open up let the light in.’

I knew He was still speaking to me about occupying hearts. Psalm 24 was then impressed on me. As I read through the Psalm, the words ‘clean hands’ and ‘pure heart’ were highlighted to me.

A few minutes later, I saw a vision where women were willingly moving their hands towards Jesus, laying them down in His lap. I heard these women crying out in intercession, handing over the burdens of their hearts, the dark things they had experienced and the darkness they could perceive in the world around them.

As women did this, one after another, more joined in. I then saw His daughters moving forward and picking up with their bare hands, their own portion of the red thread. As I looked across the way, there was a large number of women all holding onto the scarlet thread, a long line of women linked together by the atonement of the ONE and ONLY Son of God, forming A RED THREAD ARMY. Each of these women had been given a red seal to wear. I knew each one of them was marked for His greatness.

The Father is forming deep connections and establishing new communities in response to the cries of interceding daughters, through a red thread alignment, those willing to open the door of their hearts and let Him into the secret places.

His Kingdom is being established on the earth, in and through the women of Zion who are placing their hands in the lap of Jesus, and opening up their hearts to Him saying, ‘take it all. Yours is the Kingdom, it belongs to You.’

December 20 2023

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