I have really been feeling the Lord’s heart again, SO strongly for those who have been feeling like they have been beaten down by the enemy and circumstances. The Lord showed me so many of God’s people who have been beaten from every direction by opposition and circumstances and have felt like they stand up and get knocked down again.

As I listened to His heart for His precious children, I heard His whisper over these ones:

“You will come back TEN TIMES stronger.”

Suddenly, the sense surrounded me of MAJOR increase, acceleration and strengthening. A major shift taking place in their lives through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

There is a significant engagement with the power of God that is taking place and will continue to take place for those who have felt beaten down and hit in every direction. The enemy may have thought he knocked you down, but your COMEBACK planned by the hand of God is going to leave the enemy very sorry that he ever messed with you.

Be encouraged, people of God, the Lord has you covered and everything that has come against you — the battle, the grief, the hardship, the weariness, the struggle, the trial, the pain — there is a major turning right now, and decree of the Lord is that you are COMING BACK TEN TIMES STRONGER!!!


The Lord showed me so many in the body of Christ who have lost their vision because of the things that have beaten them down. There has been a confusion, a discouragement and a fogginess that has come over them that has left them feeling “disconnected from the vision.” If that’s you, I want to encourage you, not only is the Lord refreshing your vision for what He has called you to, but I saw the Lord increasing your spiritual sight and discernment, to KNOW and DISCERN the times and seasons. The Lord showed me that the enemy has worked so hard to place confusion over many of you: so you don’t know what the Lord is saying, or which direction to move in, or what’s going on. But the enemy has done that because there’s such a significant increase of vision upon you. There is a significant increase of the Issachar anointing upon you to discern the times and seasons. The Lord is going to show you more and more in the coming months what He is doing in this season and what is taking place.

There will also be significant PROVISION that will be added to you. Many of you have suffered in MANY different areas regarding provision, not just finances. I felt the Lord say that not only are you coming back stronger in VISION, you are coming back stronger in PROVISION. You are going to see the Lord provide for you in every direction, and you will have more coming out of this time of being beaten down than you have ever had. The hand of the Lord is moving upon your life to usher in significant provision.


I also saw that where there has been intense weariness, not only will you see that weariness, slumber and discouragement break, the power of God is breaking through in your life, and you will be given SUPERNATURAL EMPOWERMENT TO RUN.

This isn’t to “run ahead” of the Lord or strive, this is a running in the Spirit of God to accomplish more than you have before. The things the Lord has called you to — the things the Lord is breathing upon — there is a supernatural empowerment to RUN and defy the natural. I kept seeing a vision of Elijah outrunning the chariot in 1 Kings 18:46. Weariness and discouragement has beaten you down for so long, but the Lord is decreeing no more. You are going to run in the wind of the Spirit. There will be miraculous breakthroughs and empowerment to do what you never thought you could. The wind of the Spirit is gaining momentum and velocity and you will run in acceleration with the Spirit of God into all that He has called you to. The things you have contended for, and interceded over — standing on the promises of God — you are about to see manifest. The “cloud the size of a man’s hand” is rising out of the sea in your life. It’s the manifestation of the breakthrough of God. The rain and refreshment of God. The empowerment of the Spirit of God to move you into His promises like never before.


The Lord showed me that in your comeback, you will come back stronger in revelation of the Word. Where fear, doubt or discouragement has clouded your ability to see or hear what the Lord is saying, and the distraction that has been all around, I felt the Lord say, that now you will move into revelation of the Word in deeper ways than you ever have. The Lord is going to release more and more revelation to you of His Word and the power of His Word.

There will be a significant shift that will take place in the increase of revelation of His Word in your life. Your authority will be awakened in greater ways and the roar of the Lord within you will come out loudly. The warrior within you will continue to rise as you see Jesus and His Word in greater ways than before.

Chains will break at the sound of His voice, through the revelation He will release to you.


Where the enemy has worked hard to weary you and the battle has been so intense to hinder your faith, what you are going to see the Lord do in you, through you and for you in this great divine comeback, will see your faith INCREASE like never before.

Where many of you have found it hard to believe, found it hard to keep your hope at times, where it has been such a battle to continue to stand or believe, there is MAJOR breakthrough upon you in this divine comeback. The ways you are going to see the power of God move in and through your life is going to release such faith into your heart again to believe for greater things than you have before.

I saw the Lord releasing the gift of faith in MANY of your lives through this divine comeback. There will be such radical transformation in your heart — where fear and doubt used to hide — now you will be FULL of faith in Jesus and the Word of God. There is a SIGNIFICANT breakthrough being released, and the gift of faith bringing significant INCREASE to you to believe and SEE what the Lord has spoken MANIFEST. The Lord will use you, and the gift of faith He releases to you, to encourage others and to see miracles manifest.


The Lord also showed me that many of you have been attacked physically in your body, especially in the last few weeks.

I heard the Lord say that in the divine comeback, you will arise STRONGER IN BODY!!!! Keep holding on, people of God, for there is significant healing and miraculous turnarounds in health taking place RIGHT NOW. You will arise again, STRONGER IN BODY by the empowerment of the Spirit of God. Death will break off you, sickness will fall away, and there will be a supernatural empowerment of the Spirit of God in your life, bringing restoration to your physical body.

I also saw many who have been attacked continually in their body: not only where they are arising in this divine comeback stronger than ever, physically, but there was a healing anointing that was raining upon them.

Where the enemy had attacked them over and over, and over again — with physical ailments and sicknesses — the Lord had broken the cycle and now these very ones were arising with a significant healing anointing, and seeing many people healed in their physical bodies when prayed for.

People of God, be encouraged! The Lord is with you! He has seen your cries and struggles. He has seen the battle and He has not left you. He has decreed your divine comeback and it’s taking place NOW. You will come back TEN TIMES STRONGER in so many ways. Don’t let the enemy put fear on you. Don’t let the enemy lie to you. Trust in the Lord: for ALL that has come against you, you are now moving into acceleration, increase and momentum unlike ANYTHING you have known before. MAJOR opportunities, favour, provision, turnarounds and miracles. What was meant for your harm, the Lord has surely turned for your good. (Genesis 50:20)

“I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose—I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]” Philippians 4:13 (Amplified Version)