A message to mothers from Father God:

Oh, mumma, you are so valuable!

I see you; I hear you and I know you. 

I know it’s hard for you to see the value that you bring into your home, the value that you bring into the hearts of your children, the value that you bring into the hearts of those around you and the value that you bring to Me. 

I know you feel undervalued as you put in the time and effort into the daily tasks for your beloved family. I can see all the sacrifices that you make daily for them, giving them your whole heart and life to their needs and wants. I see how you pour into them through your words and your actions. I hear your daily prayers for them asking Me to watch and protect them. I hear your prayers of decrees so that your children will grow to be strong and courageous walking with Me and in everything that I have designed them to be.

You may feel more like a maid and not the queen that you truly are, as you fiercely serve your family in every single way. 

I see you pouring from an empty tank, and I see how overwhelmed you have become. I see the cycles that this leads you into. Cycles of guilt and shame and hopelessness. You compare yourself to the other mothers and start to feel unworthy and incapable of being a good and loving mother. You feel like you have failed every single person you love, and you feel a loss of identity believing that you are just not good enough for your family and for yourself. 

Oh, mumma, you are so valuable!

Close your eyes, lean back into My arms and rest your head on my chest. Listen carefully to My heart beating for you, and let Me pour into you.

You are so valuable! 

I made you in My own image. You are My image bearer. I have given you special qualities that resemble Me in you. Out of everything that I created, I chose to create you to resemble Me.

Every time you pour into your family, you are planting and watering the seeds of love, the seeds of mercy, the seeds of grace, the seeds of compassion, the seeds of comfort, the seeds of safety, and the seeds of trust.

I have uniquely created you. Comparison is stealing your joy, your freedom, your uniqueness. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy the abundance of life that I have placed inside of you, because he is afraid of everything that is within you. 

I have called you; I have chosen you to love Me with all your heart, and to love the people that I have placed in front of you. This also includes loving yourself the way you love Me and your loved ones. As you love Me, as you love yourself and love the ones in your life, we will flow like a beautiful symphony making new beginnings, healing the past and making new pathways for the generations to come. 

Oh, mumma, everything that you are doing is not just for this moment, everything that you are doing is generational. You are serving and leading your family into My love which is the greatest gift I have given to all humanity. I have created you to be a strong force of nature to carry a lifetime of influence, you are the one binding your family together: holding them together individually and collectively through your love and actions. 

Oh, mumma! Can you see just how valuable you are?