I heard the Lord say:

“My trailblazing daughters are arising”

TRAILBLAZER DEFINITION: “A person who makes a new track through wild country – a pioneer, an innovator” (Google)

SYNONYMS: “groundbreaker, trendsetter, spearhead, explorer (Google)

Suddenly I saw daughters of God all over the world standing at a crossroads and the crossroads was labelled “NEW BEGINNINGS”.

This was a defining moment to follow Jesus and where He is going or to follow the pathways that are ‘comfortable’ and ‘known’.

As the daughters of God held the hand of Jesus with a loud resounding YES to Him, they began to run with Jesus into new areas and were forging new pathways with Him. As they ran with Jesus I heard the words booming in the spirit “OFF THE BEATEN TRACK”

What was so beautiful and so significant to me was EVERYWHERE they ran with Jesus, fire FOLLOWED AND FLOWED.

The Lord began to show me this deep birthing of new ministries, new pathways, new movements, new assignments were taking place in the daughters of God. Where the enemy has done all he can to keep them down, to keep them hidden, now was the time of the divine crossroads where the Lord was inviting His daughters into new ventures and paths they had never been down before and to pave pathways that have not been walked before. There was a major increase of the pioneering spirit upon women.

The Lord spoke to me that the enemy has worked so hard to bring fear, doubt and intimidation against the daughters of God because of this increase of the pioneering mantle upon many and the new pathways that they were going to pave out with Jesus.

The daughters of God are rising up in their resounding yes to Jesus as the TRAILBLAZERS that the Lord has called them to be. These new assignments and ventures the Lord is leading the daughters of God into in this season, may seem completely “out of the blue”, “out of left field” and be majorly “off the beaten track” but the fire of God that shall be released as they run with Jesus will be exponential.

The Lord spoke again:

“My daughters rising up as trailblazers as they say YES to Me are possessed with greater vision than they have ever carried. SUDDENLY I am interrupting their lives now with new vision, with creative ideas, with creative strategies that is awakening them to their identity and influence in every area of jurisdiction I have given them. Fire is going to fall on these new strategies, creative ideas and visions I am releasing to My daughters that will see them pave pathways that have not been paved before. Things never done before. My divine innovators are being birthed right now and I am branding them as UNSTOPPABLE as they yield to Me and yield to My Word. There will be major transformation as My daughters follow My wisdom and implement My new visions. There will be many times of stepping out of the boat, taking risks led by My Spirit, but it will be a time of great increase, influence and the fire of My love and presence falling heavily.”


I heard the Lord say:

“My trailblazing daughters, as these new visions are being given to you, as these new pathways, creative ideas and new strategies are being released there is a temptation to hold back in fear or to doubt, but I say unto you, do all you can to step forward in the vision I am releasing and you shall receive ABUNDANT provision.”

“My daughters, there will be more provision for these trailblazing pathways and “off the beaten track” adventures with Me than you have EVER received before. You will see how radical obedience to Me brings forth RADICAL provision.”

“I am now birthing these dreams within you and you will know it is Me because I will continue to confirm My Word, you will be filled with great joy and the dream and vision will keep you awake at night dreaming of the endless possibilities.”


The Lord showed me that many of these visions and pathways He is leading His trailblazing daughters down looks different to what ‘has been’ and comparison, fear and doubt may creep in, but I heard the Lord speak so loudly:

“Do not let the fact that the vision I have given you is different and not seen or done before in the way I am showing you, stop you. For as you move with Me in obedience and boldness you will see favour fall upon you in significant ways. What I have shown you, given you and am calling you to spearhead and walk in HAS to be different because I am doing something completely new and want to release something NEW into the earth THROUGH YOU!”

“Behold I am doing a new thing, now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

I watched as the daughters of God were in awe and wonder at the miracles, the provision, the favour, the divine connections, the resources, the open doors and the divine insight He was releasing as they walked in obedience to Him and these new pathways.


I heard the Lord say:

“I will meet you in the night hours and you will receive a powerful impartation from Me that will release to you all that you need to run and continue to run with Me down these trailblazing pathways.”

I watched as daughters of God all across the world were receiving MAJOR impartations, some as they slept in their dreams, others awakened by the Holy Spirit in the night, but these impartations were bringing SUDDEN transformations within them. These impartations of fire, of His vision and Word were bringing monumental shifts – these shifts I saw were lifechanging marker moments that leave you forever changed.

The trailblazing daughters of God were being totally overtaken in greater ways by HIS CAUSE. His Kingdom cause and they had fire in their eyes to see as He sees and fire in their bellies to burn with what burns in the heart of God.

As these impartations were taking place I watched as hunger MAJORLY increased within them. There was a deep hunger and a deep ache being birthed within them for Jesus and the secret place. They were being completely overtaken with new fire and hunger for Jesus and His ways, His purposes and His vision.

The Lord spoke again:

“In order to maintain what I am releasing on the trailblazing pathways and the empowerment to run down these pathways with Me in acceleration and power, there must be a deeper place of habitation in the secret place.”

I watched as intimacy with Jesus went to deeper levels than ever before and I heard Him whisper:

“Living close to My heart and hearing My revelatory secrets is key for what I am releasing you into. All the wisdom and discernment you require will be found in the secret place with Me and in My Word.”

“I am sending you forth My trailblazing daughters and what I am releasing to you and through you as you run with Me will see the greatest shifts you have ever seen take place THROUGH YOU as you do what you never thought you could do and you step into what you never imagined possible, spearheading new pathways with Me that will see My revival fire released in POWER.”