Recently, I heard the Lord say, ‘Fire is coming on your eyes. I must purify how you see,’ and I began to see the fire of God flowing powerfully through the body of Christ. As this holy fire began to flow, I could hear a deep groan in the atmosphere and it was the groan of the Lord’s heart, deeply groaning, calling His people to ‘come up higher’ and to see as He sees. I heard the Lord say, ‘Many are not seeing as I am seeing. They are seeing through the flesh and filters that MUST be removed in this hour, if My people are going to see as I see, receive divine intel and intercede.’  (Intel = ‘intelligence’: revelation, insight, wisdom, direction and strategy from God.)

I heard the Lord say, ‘My people must embrace and welcome My fire upon their eyes. There are many that are focusing and giving the affection and attention of their eyes to things of this world, to things of the earth, and allowing distraction to take their gaze — and it is hindering what they see.’ It’s time to embrace My fire upon your eyes. It is time to FOCUS AND PRAY like never before. It is time to surrender your sight to Me and allow Me to ALIGN and RE-ALIGN your sight to SEE as I see. For many are pushing in hard to remain in how they ‘see’ and ‘perceive’ things in these days, because their hearts do not want to surrender and let go and allow Me to have full control. The shaking and fire that is coming is going to only cause what is founded and grounded in Me to remain.

‘The hour is urgent and My eyes are roaming the earth looking for those who are walking in humility before Me and allow Me to correct their vision and to realign their hearts. For there is a great temptation to “assume and presume” in this hour and you must stay FAR from that place: FAR from the place of assumption and presumption by standing deeply surrendered to Me, deep in My Word and knowing Me. That I may school you in a greater way in My ways.

‘My eyes are roaming the earth and I am seeing many in My Bride who are unwilling to deal with offences and bitterness, hurts and wounding towards one another. I am calling you, My people, forgive as you have been forgiven. Let go of the offences, let go of the hurt and the pain and allow My Spirit to come in and bring healing and wholeness. It’s time to let go. I am your helper and I will empower you, but you must be willing to let go and forgive. It’s time to lay down the unforgiveness, the bitterness and the contempt. I am calling you My people, let go. Forgive and allow My Spirit to heal you, and love through you. Do not allow your inner worlds and your hearts to be places of disobedience and where deception can reign. I am calling you to let go and release, in obedience to My Word.

‘For in the coming days, it is going to be more important than ever before that My people see as I see. I am sounding an alarm in the Spirit. I am calling you, My people, deeper into the secret place to hear what I am speaking, deeper into a place of focus upon Me alone, and deeper into the place of intercession. It’s time to FOCUS AND PRAY like never before. Focus and pray! Focus and pray! You must rid your lives of all distractions and keep your eyes firmly focused upon Me. For in these days you need discernment and My wisdom in unprecedented ways: and I am releasing My discernment and wisdom to those who are seeking with pure, humble hearts. For much in these days much is not as it seems and My people MUST have eyes to see, to discern and to understand. (Proverbs 16:16)

‘In these days, My people, you must be crying out for discernment and understanding by My Spirit, from the place of deep humility before Me. Listen, My people, again, many things are not as they seem and it requires EYES TO SEE AS I SEE and to hear and receive My strategy and My direction. For in the coming days, you will see greater uncovering and unveiling as I reveal things going on behind the scenes, under the surface; and great discernment will be needed for direction, alignment, understanding and this divine intel given for targeted intercession, your protection and strengthening.’

The words then surrounded me strongly again:


I then began to hear a deep, deep cry as the Spirit of God continued to move through the body of Christ, and it was the cry of repentance. In the purifying fire upon eyes, there was a great revealing of areas where we have seen not as He sees. The atmosphere was full of the weighty presence of the Lord as this repentance came forth, and a DEEP groan came from the core of many that declared, ‘I MUST SEE AS YOU SEE! Only as you see, Lord. Only as you see, Lord. Take My eyes, use My eyes, and teach Me to SEE and PERCEIVE.’

And I saw those who are surrendering their sight — to allow this purifying fire of the Lord upon their eyes — receive SHARPENED laser focus, heavenly vision, and the Lord was increasing their discernment and divine intel in this hour. They began to walk in a greater realm of authority and power, as they had died to any type of seeing, except to see as HE sees.

I then heard the Lord say:

‘I am baptising you in strength and boldness, as you continue to surrender your sight and your life to Me. For there will be some of what I show you and release to you that will shift your alignments, cause you to walk a different path, lead you into uncharted territories, require you to arise and speak forth My Word when others around you may be afraid, cause you to go against the grain, cause you to arise, declare and pray in a whole new way. Intercessors — I am increasing the night watch in this hour, get ready to see further and deeper than you have seen before, and to receive a greater level of divine intel. Lean in and listen and I will give you instruction in intercession.

‘My people, the alarms are sounding in the Spirit. FOCUS AND PRAY! Cry out to perceive and for greater discernment and understanding. Boldness and strength will be needed for the days ahead and as I increase your divine sight and insight. In this urgent hour, there is an urgent call from My heart to FOCUS and listen.’

‘Yes, if you cry out for insight,

And lift up your voice for understanding; 

If you seek skillful and godly wisdom as you would silver

And search for her as you would hidden treasures;

Then you will understand the [reverent] fear of the Lord [that is, worshiping Him and regarding Him as truly awesome]

And discover the knowledge of God.
Proverbs 2:3-5 AMP


Lana Vawser