Recently, the Lord showed me many in the body of Christ who have been feeling overwhelmed by warfare they have been facing. I saw many being tormented by a heavy thick fog which you could not see through. This fog was so thick not only was visibility completely hindered but this thick fog came with such a weight, such a heaviness that left many feeling so despaired and many were even in a place of feeling distraught. 

As I leaned in and listened to the Lord I heard the Lord say:

‘Ascend into your authority.’

Immediately the sense surrounded me that we are ALREADY seated in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) and right now the Lord is awakening His people to the truth of their authority. He is releasing heavenly strategy and divine intel for prayer and intercession to cause them to ascend out of the heaviness, out of the confusion and into the authority that is already theirs in Christ.

I heard the Lord say:

’Pick up your sword! Pick up your sword! Pick up your sword!’

As soon as I heard the Lord say that, I started to hear the sound of a lullaby playing, but this lullaby was not a beautiful lullaby that you would sing to a baby to get the baby to sleep, this was a demonic lullaby to bring forth a slumber, a weariness, a despair that would see many feeling like, ‘This is too hard, I give up, I can’t keep enduring this, I am not going to make it.’ 

The Lord spoke again:

‘The enemy is trying to cause such a weariness in My people through his onslaught of opposition and attack, but I say unto you, that the enemy is defeated. I say unto you, PICK UP YOUR SWORD! Do not tolerate, listen to, entertain or embrace the lullaby that the enemy is singing to you through weariness.

’The key to picking up your sword is HIGH PRAISE! The enemy is trying to bring a slumber against many in this hour, where the key to arising and picking up your sword of authority is through HIGH PRAISE. Right now, the enemy is guarding the gates. He is guarding gates of thresholds of destiny and birthing that I have My people standing IN right now. He is guarding the gates, and there is an assignment to attempt to cause many of My people who are in a very significant destiny and kairos time, to give up and go to sleep: but I say unto you LIFT UP YOUR VOICE IN HIGH PRAISE! Lift up your VOICE and pick up your sword and STAND. For as you lift up your voice in high praise you shall see the fog lift. The fog of confusion that the enemy has brought against many of you to not only steal your visibility but bring a heaviness upon you that is attempting to lure you into despair, this fog will be BROKEN AS YOU PRAISE.

‘I am bringing My people up higher! I am bringing My people up higher into the revelation of their seated place, to begin to live on the OFFENCE rather than on the DEFENCE. There are many of you who have been living on the defence for MANY years. There are many of you who have been living in a state of “fight or flight” for many years, and I say unto you, HERE COMES MY HEALING WIND! Here comes My HEALING WIND!! For as you lift up your voice to Me in praise, as you lift up a sacrifice of praise and declare My greatness, oh how you shall see the alignment and healing that shall flow supernaturally into every part of you.

‘There is a battle over your voice. The enemy is trying to steal your voice, but lift UP your voice in praise, ascend in praise, for I am bringing My people up higher to a place of learning to live ABOVE the warfare they have endured and live ABOVE the onslaught of the enemy and live FROM the place of overcoming, strength and warfare.’

’Many of you have felt like your clarity has been stolen by a whirlwind of confusion. Make no mistake, My people, this is an attack of witchcraft. This is NOT you. Many of you have been feeling like you’re losing your mind, many of you have felt like you are going crazy — this is NOT you. There is a demonic assignment against you to STOP YOU arising, stop you moving forward, stop you moving into the greater realms of strategic prayer and intercession and heavenly revelation for the days to come: to attempt to stop you from coming deeper and higher into the revelation and wisdom and understanding of what it means to govern with Me. The enemy has come thick and fast with confusion because I am releasing heavenly WISDOM, STRATEGY, DIVINE INTEL AND INSIGHT on a level you have not experienced before.

‘Pick up the weapon of Communion. Lift up the power of My broken body and shed blood over your lives and over your homes. Lift up your voice in HIGH PRAISE for what I HAVE DONE and what HAS BEEN DONE. My precious people, listen to Me: this attack has ALREADY been disarmed, this attack has ALREADY been defeated, this onslaught against you has ALREADY been overcome, by My shed blood and My broken body. STAND TALL in ME, knowing that you are MORE THAN CONQUERORS. Where confusion has come thick and heavy, I am baptising you afresh in the revelation of the POWER OF COMMUNION and the POWER of My broken body and shed blood. IT IS TIME TO OVERCOME! IT IS TIME TO OVERCOME!

’Many of you have been saying to Me, “Lord, I cannot go into 2024 like this, there must be a shift, I am so weary.” I say unto you, “A WATERFALL AWAITS YOU!!!!” As you lift up high praise, as you take Communion, and ascend further into the revelation of who you are in Me and who I AM in you, watch the waterfall of My POWER and REVELATION wash things off you. Not only will these attacks and much of what has been trying to hold you back, wash off of you, you will be filled to afresh and catapulted into a series of encounters with Me, that will bring great transformation, clarity and insight that is deeper, clearer and further than you have seen, in Me.


The enemy has come with such fog to hinder clarity and now as you ascend in high praise, I will BAPTISE YOU AFRESH IN DISCERNMENT. I am raising up a people who are ascending My mountain with clean hands and pure hearts (Psalm 24) in worship and praise, with heavenly discernment that they have not walked in before.

’I am turning the page. It’s a new day! I am turning the page as you ascend in HIGH PRAISE. I am breaking off the chaos. I am breaking off the assault. I am releasing MY peace that is yours, in Me — as you rest in Me, the prince of peace. Arise. Arise into discernment, revelation and truth. Many of you are about to see how things REALLY look, for the enemy has been lying to you in so many areas, but I say unto you: LOOK AGAIN as you ascend in high praise, LOOK AGAIN at these areas and you shall see things are not as they appear to be. The enemy has been using smoke and mirrors to hinder you — and for many of you, cause you to give up — but I say unto you, enter into a season of a whole new level of discernment and panoramic vision in Me: to live truly as the overcomer and conqueror I have created you to be. ARISE AND ASCEND!’