The Lord has been speaking to me a lot over the last number of months about ‘ascension’ and that we are in a time of ‘ascension’ like never before. There has been pressure, and squeezing and yielding and the narrow pathway being walked, to ascend the mountain of the Lord and to hear, see and govern with Him in this season.

Recently, I heard the Lord say, ‘Daughters, COME UP HERE.’ Immediately I knew that the Lord was calling His daughters into a higher place of clarity. The Lord showed me that there have been so many women who have been feeling like they have been caught under a heavy cloud — a thick fog that has hindered their vision for so long. I saw many feeling like they were in a ‘stopping and starting’ place. They would feel like the fog and the clouds were beginning to part and they would begin to see, and receive clarity and then all of a sudden, it was like the fog and heaviness got thick again.

When I heard the Lord say, ‘Daughters, come up here,’ I could hear the sound of deliverance. I could hear the sound of major accelerated re-alignment and alignment. The Lord spoke to me, ‘Lana, things are about to become VERY clear for My daughters that are walking in My ways and ascending with Me in this season.’ The Lord was making it clearer and clearer to Me in this encounter that He was positioning His daughters like never before in governmental authority to partner with Him in new and greater ways in this new era, in all He is doing and will do in the earth. I heard the Lord say, ‘Can you hear the roar of My intercessory daughters beginning to rise louder than ever before? For they are ushering in a mighty birthing of My heart and My Roar on the earth, and in the areas of injustice, to bring forth My justice through their intercession on a scale never seen before. Over the next few years, watch how My daughters will be positioned in greater places of intercession to usher in My Glory and the birthing and releasing of My heart and My roar in the earth like it has NEVER been seen before. Many may say look at some of these ones, living in a hidden place, but be assured, they are shifting nations with their intercession. For My definition of success in the Kingdom is very different to how many define it. For I am positioning My daughters like never before and some may never be known or seen on a world stage, but they are known by Me, and they are known in the spiritual realm. For they live at My feet in such deep intimacy, they receive divine intel that is nestled deeply within My heart and they are shifting nations with Me as they echo MY intercession.’


I heard the Lord speaking over many of the daughters of God who have felt like they have been living under such fogginess, confusion and lack of clarity, and I heard the Lord say, ‘It will be like crystal clear clarity.’ In the ascension, I saw the Lord lifting them high above all the noise, high above the fog and the witchcraft attacks and further into the revelation of their seated place and authority in Christ:

‘For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus.’ Ephesians 2:6

I then saw the Lord with four things in His hand. He began to hand these four things to His daughters. As I looked closer, I saw there were glasses that gave a panoramic view, a microscope, a stethoscope, and a telescope.

Immediately, I knew that the Lord was increasing vision (panoramic view) to see a broader perspective of their season and insight in different areas on a greater scale.

He was also releasing revelation and ‘intricate insight’ into situations and circumstances in their own lives, personally: their season and insight into many different areas and places that He was moving, and prophetic revelation of what was to come. There was also ‘intricate insight’ that He was releasing through supernatural vision to see what is going on ‘beneath the surface’ and the hidden places to be exposed and revealed to push back and dismantle many hidden agendas of the enemy through intercession. The words ‘intricate insight for intercession’ continued to surround me loudly.

The stethoscope was highlighted to me so strongly, this was brighter than ALL the other instruments the Lord had in His hand. He spoke, ‘The PRIORITY is listening to My heartbeat and KNOWING My heart. Not only listening to My heartbeat and knowing what is on My heart, but also the RHYTHM of My heart. It is IMPERATIVE in this hour to be led and guided by what is ON My heart and the RHYTHM and PACE of My heart and you will only hear the depths of My heart in the place of intimacy. It’s time to slow down and truly LISTEN and focus in on My HEARTBEAT. For you are to KNOW ME, know My ways: and from that place you intercede FROM and within My heart, carrying My heart and RELEASING My heart.’

The words surrounded me, ‘Pay attention to the PACE. My daughters, you are not the pace makers, I am the pace maker, and it is imperative that you are moving according to My pace and in My way: and from that place you will thrive and blossom in ALL that I have for you.’

The Lord is also releasing revelation of what is to come (telescope) and bringing into clearer view what is ahead, with greater prophetic revelation for daughters of God: personally, and then corporately and in many different areas. I knew that the Lord was shifting many daughters of God from a position of defence to offence. There is a realm of victory, overcoming, faith and authority that the Lord was moving many daughters into: and there was an accelerated divine deliverance taking place of the past seasons’ weights that were now being removed — to position them for  DIVINE DEPLOYMENT.


I heard the Lord say, ‘Out of the cage, there is a divine rearrange, receive your wings to fly.’ I saw the Lord opening doors to what looked like bird cages that many daughters of God were trapped in. He opened the doors, and when He did I began to see CLARITY fall upon their eyes afresh. They looked down at their season as they were looking from above and the Lord began to shift things. He was rearranging things, He was removing things, He was changing things. And I heard Him say, ‘Embrace the divine rearrange and receive your wings to fly.’ Immediately, I knew, in that moment, that so much had come against these precious daughters to attempt to rearrange their seasons and had left them in such a place of confusion as to what their season is, what it was to look like: and in the transition places, many had felt like they had lost their clarity. The Lord was now removing the limitation, He was removing the things that have suffocated, hindered and squandered them in their season, and they were receiving wings to now fly in ease, freedom, healing, joy, and be who their Beloved had created them to be. FREE! The sound and sense of a loud exhale surrounded me and the Lord said, ‘WATCH THE RHYTHM OF REST MANIFEST.’ These precious daughters were entering a deep place of rested heart, rested soul, rested mind, rest in harvest, rest in joy, rest in peace, rest in creativity, rest in the convergence of spoils from many stolen things in stolen seasons: now converging in a divine culmination to bring them into a deep RHYTHM OF REST. His rest. Faith rest. Heart rest. A divine exhale in the delight of who He is. I heard Him speak over many, ‘I am bringing you deeper into what your heart truly longs for.’

‘You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11 AMP

‘Because of you, I know the path of life, as I taste the fullness of joy in your presence. At your right side I experience divine pleasures forevermore.’ Psalm 16:11 TPT