I recently had two dreams in which I was in a place of warning both parents and the body of Christ. In the first dream I was attending a birthday party in a home I’d never been before. I discovered during the party that there was this ride where people sit on rows of chairs and then a wheel that was turned and the whole platform of chairs were flipped under water (the people on the chairs would be upside down underwater) which revealed another row of seats, there were three sides to this ride. I was horrified to see that there were children getting on and off this ride. I looked around and parents were eating and drinking and chatting and no one was manning the ride. I turned the wheel which brought up kids that had been under water, I got them off and told them it wasn’t safe. Then I looked back and a young  mum was getting on with her daughter who was only about 4. I said to the mum this was a very unsafe ride and if no one was turning the wheel they could be held underneath the water, I was worried her daughter would drown. She said “my daughter can swim” and I tried to communicate that this wasn’t swimming, she would be under water, upside down and in darkness and she said “she will be fine.” I then saw a mum older than me that I respect for championing intentional, kingdom parenting and she too was concerned and helped me to get everyone off the ride. 

One week later I had a second dream in which my husband and I had been invited to minister at a youth event at a conservative church. The dream began in a small church, but as the dream progressed it became a large warehouse. Joel was speaking on the platform and I felt that most of the congregation were not listening. When it was my turn to share I felt this boldness and authority rise within me and I began to challenge the mostly Gen Z congregation that I’m sure they listen to their teachers and university lecturers and that they should be listening to what is being shared. As I was speaking I had an open vision that a tidal wave was about to smash through the building. I received a download of a strategy. With authority I spoke to the congregation and instructed them to grab the pillars and to go down as close to the floor as possible as it would be calm below the turbulent surface and then the wave would go down and we could all swim up to the surface for air and repeat that process. We practised once and then the wave hit, minimal people were taken out, most people swam down to the bottom and held onto the pillars. Furniture and parts of the ceiling began to collapse, crash down through the water and people were helping one another to swim out of the way. I saw my young daughter (5) struggling to swim and managed to grab her and swim her to the surface to get air. The water started to recede and my daughter, husband and I made our way out of the building to see the destruction outside the church. 

I have prayed into these dreams and processed them with a trusted friend. In both of these dreams there was destruction coming by water and most of the people couldn’t see it coming or were too distracted to see. I see the Lord is releasing strategies to both His church and mothers to protect these children and young people. What stood out in the first dream was the fun and enticement of the ride to children, without understanding the danger lurking beneath, even parents weren’t concerned. In the second dream the audience was predominately Gen Z (teenagers and young adults) and they were distracted, however, when I gave warning and instructed and taught them how to avoid the imminent danger they listened. What was the solution to the oncoming tidal wave? Clinging to the pillars. What are the pillars the Lord has given us? Scripture. The enemy is bombarding this young generation with lies that come against his Genesis mandate; we’re made in his image (Gen 1:27), we’re created male and female (Gen 1:27), marriage is between a man and woman (Gen 2:24), sanctity of life (Gen 9:6) and being fruitful and multiplying (Gen 1:28). Our young people are being distracted and entertained at their schools and universities, whilst not foreseeing the coming destruction and the Lord is showing us a solution, clinging to these biblical truth pillars. 

When I think of the mother with her four-year-old I am reminded of the general acceptance of children accessing the internet, consuming content/movies/shows. I don’t think the dream was limited to ‘screen time’, but I see this as a doorway to the lies the enemy is trying to tell our young children. In the first dream, no one perished, and I and an older mother were able to warn the children and get them off the ride. In the second there was potential for great loss (outside the church building there was desolation) and I did see some not follow the instruction and try to swim to the surface and they were taken out, overall there was minimal loss. My friend pointed out that I had time to instruct and practice with these young people and to encourage parents that the Lord is saying there is time, you have time to instruct and teach these pillars to your children and teenagers. My heart is that these dreams will not bring fear or stress, because in both dreams there was a solution, there was a way out. In Isaiah 40:11 it says He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep. He will lead the mothers and guide them as they are guiding their children. My prayer is for every mother reading this word that the Lord would put a fire for his word, his pillars in your heart. That your desire for his word and for diligently teaching your children would grow and blossom. He calls us mother’s to be gate keepers in our home and the Lord is gracing us with the steadfastness and authority to do so.